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Current Projects

The Hub is taking a thematic approach project development in the region. If you would like to know more about our work in a specific area, please contact us

Energy efficiency

  • Residential properties
  • Public sector estate

These projects include building fabric, heating, lighting and appliance use.

Distributed generation

  • Large scale renewable electricity generation

These projects may include energy storage and/or active network management.

Community energy

  • All renewable energy projects that demonstrate local community ownership and benefit

For communities and organisation in rural areas please see the Rural Community Energy Fund.

EV transition and charging networks

  • EV charge-point networks and clusters

These projects may include renewable electricity generation and storage systems.

Off gas properties

  • Low carbon heating for off-the-gas grids

These projects may include energy efficiency.

Low carbon living and working

  • Major new developments, including garden cities and Enterprise Zones

Decarbonisation of heat

  • Heat networks – low carbon or renewable heat supplying multiple buildings
  • Electrification of heat – air, ground or water sourced heat pumps
  • Renewable heat – sustainable biomass
  • Waste heat – using waste heat from industrial process

Whole energy systems

  • Place based approach to heat, electricity and transport
  • Smart grids
  • Local energy trading

Grid constraints and infrastructure innovation

  • Addressing barriers to clean growth by working with stakeholders to develop innovative approaches to grid reinforcement

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