Homeowners, Tenants & Private Landlords

This page has information for homeowners, tenants, and private landlords with tenants, about the Local Authority Delivery Phase 2 scheme.

The scheme is also known as LAD2.

LAD2 is a Government funded local-authority scheme that makes energy-saving improvements to the homes of people who struggle to pay their heating bills and keep their homes warm in the winter. These improvements are made free of charge and will help residents to keep their homes warm, while using less energy and spending less on their heating bills.

If you own your own home, or are a tenant, or a private landlord with tenants, you could qualify to apply for energy-saving improvements.

Please note that if your home is rented, both tenant and landlord will need to give their approval before any energy-saving improvements can be carried out.

You are likely to qualify for the scheme if you are on a low income, for example, if your annual household income is under £30,000, or under £20,000 after rent or mortgage costs, or your household is on means-tested benefits. The number of children in your household, and whether you have recently lost income will also be taken into account. If you think you might qualify for the scheme, even if you are not sure, please fill in the form below to find out.

If your home has an Energy Performance Certificate (also known as an EPC) and the rating of the Certificate is either D, E, F or G, then it is likely to qualify for the scheme. If you think your home might qualify, please fill in the form below to find out. If you do not have an Energy Performance Certificate, or are not sure about it or what it means, please also fill in the form below to find out whether your home qualifies for the scheme.

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