Local Authorities & Social Housing Providers

This page has information for local authorities and social housing providers about Local Authority Delivery Phase 2 (LAD2).

What is LAD2?

During 2021 we are administering £79.6 million of home-retrofit funding from the Government in the Greater South East. It is being delivered by local authorities and social housing providers across the region. The programme is known as Local Authority Delivery, Phase 2 (LAD2) and is funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). It is targeted at households with energy-inefficient homes that struggle to pay for their heating.

How has the funding for the programme been allocated?

Funding has been allocated to local authority areas across the region according to need. This takes into consideration population size and fuel poverty levels in each local authority. We have tried to enable as many local authorities to participate in the programme as possible, rather than to have a competitive process, where local authorities must make a winning bid to get funding.

How are local authorities in the Greater South East being supported to deliver the programme?

All local authorities in the Greater South East have been contacted by the Energy Hub for inclusion in this retrofit programme. Click here to view a list, grouped by county area, of the local authorities taking part in the programme. We are providing local authorities with a fair, supported and practical process, to deliver the funding and maximise the implementation of energy-efficiency measures for households in need this year.  This includes administrative support, the provision of an online procurement system and engagement of the supply chain by the Energy Hub.  Wherever possible we have accommodated the varying needs and existing arrangements of local authorities within the programme.

If I’m from a local authority in the Greater South East, how can I find out more?

If you are unsure how your organisation is involved, or have a query about the programme, please email the Greater South East Energy Hub.

How have social housing providers that operate in the Greater South East region been involved?

Social housing providers can be involved in the programme if their properties and tenants meet the funding scheme’s criteria for eligibility.  Commonly, those already taking part are social housing providers who already work in partnership with their local authorities. This has enabled us to use existing arrangements to involve them more quickly. This is important, as the Government requires that the measures are carried out this year.

If I’m a social housing provider that’s not yet involved and wants to take part, what should I do?

Social Housing Providers that would like to take part in the LAD2 programme should contact the Greater South East Energy Hub with their request.

What if I’m not in the Greater South East region?

The retrofit programme is being administered in England on a regional basis by the five Local Energy Hubs.  Click the following links to find out more about the how the programme is being delivered by other Energy Hubs in the Midlands, North East and Yorkshire, the North West and South West.

Still looking for advice that applies to you?

The information provided on this page is for local authorities and social housing providers.  If you want to find out about how to be involved in the LAD2 scheme and own your own home, or are a tenant, or a private landlord with tenants, click HERE. If you are a supply-chain business, click HERE.

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