Low Carbon Initiatives

Local authorities who have declared a climate emergency are seeking ways to achieve their targets. Development of local low carbon energy is part of the solution. Here are some initiatives that will be of interest to you.


SCATTER is a FREE tool for local authorities, to measure greenhouse gas emissions and build carbon reduction plans. It’s recognised by the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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Power Paired

Are you looking for a site for your community energy project? Or would you like to support locally generated, renewable energy on your land or building, but aren’t able to develop a project yourself? Power paired is an online facility developed by Forum for the Future, which helps connect community organisations that want to develop an energy scheme with organisations that have a potential site available.

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Hotmaps is a FREE open-source online software that supports local authorities to set up a strategic heating and cooling plan for their area. Strategic heating and cooling planning means to develop an action plan to achieve a long-term vision of the heating and cooling supply. Click on the button to learn more and access the Hotmaps toolbox.

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