Rural Community Energy Fund

Case Studies

Some examples of renewable projects in rural areas across England that have received funding.

Frome County Council (Somerset)

Solar panel installations at Frome Medical Practice and Frome Town FC have stripped 333 tons of CO2 – the equivalent produced by 56 cars every year – out of the local air, as well as helping the practice and football club generate over £68,000 in extra revenue by selling energy back to the grid.

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Salisbury Community Energy (Wiltshire)

RCEF funding has helped 8 projects in the historic city including local school projects, possible solar panel installations at the Salisbury Cathedral Cloisters, and a water wheel with timber paddles hydro project at the city’s Mill in the maltings.

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Alston Moor Community Energy (Cumbria)

The RCEF helped Alston Primary and Samuel Kings Secondary schools install 27 kW solar of panels. Over the next 20 years the project expects to bring £70,000 of profit to the school by selling energy back to the grid while saving over 150 tonnes of carbon.

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Wigton Baths Trust (Leicestershire)

A local group from Wigton with a passion for fighting climate change have benefited from £20,000 from the government’s RCEF to carry out feasibility studies into the installation of solar panels at the site. They are supporting the installation of 40 solar panels on the local swimming pool which will be used to generate 10 kW of power for use on site or for export back to the grid for a profit. The extra revenue will help the facility get back on its feet after a recent closure.

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