Rural Community Energy Fund

How to Apply

Applications for Feasibility and Development Grants are open.

Feasibility Grant

Before applying for Stage 1 funding you must submit a Pre-Application Questionnaire so that the Energy Hub team can review your proposal. The team will confirm whether you can complete a full application form, or call you to discuss your project in more detail.

Download a Pre-Application Questionnaire

To find out if your organisation is eligible, and for general guidance on applying for funding, please read the Stage 1 Guidance Notes. These can be accessed by clicking the download link below. The Fund uses the same definition of a rural community as the Office of National Statistics, which is a settlement of fewer than 10,000 residents. Defra’s Magic Map will show you if the location of your project is in a rural area.

If you wish to proceed with an application for a Feasibility Grant after receiving confirmation from the Energy Hub team, please read the Stage 1 Assessment Criteria and Stage 1 Feasibility Report Structure documents, then complete a Stage 1 Grant Application Form.

Feasibility Grant funding can be applied for at any time, with grants reviewed and awarded on a quarterly basis.

Development Grant

If your project is at a more advanced stage and you wish to apply for a Development Grant, please email the Greater South East Energy Hub. The RCEF Guidance Notes Stage 2 and Stage 2 Grant Application Form are available by clicking the download links below.

Indicative Timeline for Funding Rounds

Round one

Deadline for applications: 23rd August 2019

Round two

Deadline for applications: 28th November 2019

Round three

Deadline for applications: 28th February 2020

Round four

Deadline for applications: 14th May 2020

Round five

Deadline for applications: 19th August 2020

Round six

Deadline for applications: 5th November 2020

Note: Applicants should be aware that the appraisal and approval process takes approximately two months.

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